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I have lived in the countryside for much of my life.  We had a smallholding when I grew up, and there are a number of farming connections in my family.  Over the years I have had animated conversations with farming friends and relations about burning issues, and have on a number of occasions suggested they start of blog…..all to no avail!  We are now living in the Cerne Valley and some of the ‘incomers’ in the village are keen to understand the rhythm of the farming year.  Questions they have asked me are things like ‘Why does it seem some years there is rape everywhere and other years there’s hardly any?’, ‘Why are tractors constantly driving through the village sometimes, but then we’ll go for a long time without seeing any?’

So the purpose of this blog is to help those of us who do not farm connect with those who grow our food.  It will focus on what the farmers are doing ‘at the moment’ but may also stray into reflections on issues that arise from the topics being explained.  I will be drawing on the experiences of those working the land over a large area, and the sentiments expressed will be my own.



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